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Navigate Autism with Jane Lynn is the only Autism TV show of this genre! It takes entertainment, learning AND raising awareness to a whole new level. Reaching over 35 million viewers globally, it airs on Apple TV, Roku, Vimeo, YouTube and on 20 local TV stations across the U.S. 

Jane Lynn created the TV show, Navigate Autism with Jane Lynn, to help other parents along their journey, and to bring community together to talk, learn and share resources around autism.  

On the show, Jane Lynn shares tips that she learned that helped her son go from completely exclusive and "in his own world", to being interactive, social and very connected with others. She talks about methods that she used to help her regain control of her life and to handle the day to day challenges with ease and comfort. She also introduces different guests and services who are helping families with autism and who always share at lease 1 thing that parents can do TODAY to help their children.

Navigate Autism with Jane Lynn is now available on-demand to enjoy at your convenience.


Sneak Preview, Improving Lives...One Stride at a Time

Witness the magic that happens between a horse and a child with special needs. No words. Just love and understanding. And healing.

Meet Laurie Landy, Founding Director of Special Strides and Occupational Therapist, and Suzie Rehr, Executive Director & Physical Therapist. These women are passionate about the horse/human connection and using it to help children of all ages to thrive. They share the magic and the science behind that connection and how the Special Strides team in Monroe, NJ uses it to help special needs individuals enjoy more focus, balance, arm and leg movement, and even talking...while having fun. Through their love and hard work, they are improving lives, one stride at a time!




How do you keep that calm, balance and focus once you're back home? Sara Carapezzi and Miriam Rosenberg of The School of Royal Yoga join us to share a breathing technique and a yoga pose that they use with individuals and with families at their Center for Special Needs, Inc. in Chester, NJ. Do this for it with your child. Namaste.

For more information about my guests, please visit and

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