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Jane Lynn is a natural at speaking to audiences of all sizes, both in person and online. She spends time getting to know you and your specific needs and then creates a trusted environment for all to learn and share. Her charisma and authenticity engage audiences, spark learning, and inspire strength in parents of children with autism. She will work with you to tailor a presentation, discussion or series of content that she will deliver to your audience.

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Giving back is very important to Jane Lynn. Her strength and purpose came by learning from others who were willing to share advice and insights. She often appears as an expert offering practical techniques to help parents change habits, overcome challenges and create more balance in their lives. Jane Lynn will speak on a range of parenting topics, including these most popular ones: 

  • Changing habits in our children

  • IEPs

  • Guardianship

  • Building socialization skills

  • Helping children reach their potential

  • Role of siblings




Jane Lynn has been training, online and in-person, for decades in her many HR roles. She understands how to create high quality content that is easy to learn and implement at home and in the office. She works with companies, groups and schools who want to support their employee parents and managers with understanding:


  • How to connect with special needs children

  • Behavior is communication and how to respond

  • How to train, coach and manage special needs employees

  • How to help our special needs children or employees reach their potential 

Virtual Team Meeting

Learn How Jane Lynn Can Help You Educate Your Audience and Impact Autism

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