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Your feedback inspires me to keep doing what I love: coaching and helping others create the life they want for themselves and their children. THANK YOU for sharing these testimonials!!
Jane Lynn’s guidance is meaningful and honest.  By sharing information about her success and challenges helped me avoid speed bumps along my journey and not feel alone when things didn’t go as planned.” 
            - Stefanie, mom of 8-yr old son with autism
"I love you. Thanks for the simple yet often times overlooked facts that you shared. I have 4 kids. A 3 year old, a 2 year old, and 1 year old twins and I'm the one taking care of them 24/7. You are a life saver. Hope to learn more from you."
            - Jan Jan, father of 4 in the Philippines
"What I love about your tips, is that they apply to not just autism, but also ADD, and to be truthful, parenting in general."
            - Nick, father of 2 teenage sons with ADD
"God bless you ma'am! Thank you. We are so grateful for we learned so much."
             - Kris, nurse 
"Thank you for [doing] this. I am learning something that I can use with my granddaughter. God bless you. :-)
             - Judith, grandmother of child with autism
"I love your video [of you working with your son]. It really helps me. I'm a therapist dealing with autism children."
             - Ana, autism therapist in Philippines
"Love this! ["how to ask for help"] 
              - Cheri, Teacher's Assistant, Special Ed
"Jane Lynn Britton has the unique ability to lead a group through challenging material to achieve breakthroughs. She builds trust with her audience and enrolls the group in navigating the material and exploring outcomes that make a difference. JaneLynn is simply a leader with compassion and a depth of knowledge that people want to learn from and grow with."
               - Kris, Autism Advocate and former Head of HR, Godiva Chocolatier and Dollar Tree
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