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Let's Get Social

                               Join me each Tuesday at 8pm EST on Facebook Live for Navigate Autism with Jane Lynn, where I share some of my best tips and strategies for 5 - 10 minutes.

Check out my Facebook page weekly to view my FB Live videos that you may have missed. Some recent topics include:

  • Creating Connections (3 part series on how to help your child connect deeply with you and others)

    • eye contact

    • understanding and going with your child's motivation

    • building trust

  • How to handle meltdowns

  • Natural healing techniques 

  • Why we shouldn't ask our children questions 

  • "Living with Autism": join me and my son as we do activities together

 If there is a question you want me to answer during the next Facebook Live, please write it below and then click "Send". It can be a question about a topic I already covered or the upcoming one.  

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