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Natural Healing

Natural healing and autism go hand in hand. Some of the greatest growth that I have seen in my son has been after healing his food allergies, boosting his immune system, and restoring balance to his body. As he got healthier, he was more alert, grounded and calm, focused, and it was easier for us to connect with him.

There are many products that we have used with great success. And, eventually, I will share them all with you to decide if they are right for you and your child. They are natural and their focus is healing the body from within. When that type of healing occurs, miracles happen!

As seen on the TV and Facebook Live show, Healing Symptoms of Autism Naturallythese products are the perfect place to start.




























If you are interested in learning more about these products, or have any questions, these ladies will be very happy to speak with you. They are passionate about these products as well as helping others along their healing journey.














Many natural and energetic healing techniques are simple and can easily be done by parents. I personally love the freedom it gives me to be able to help my son through most illnesses and health challenges.

  • calm
  • balance
  • speech
  • focus
  • sleep
  • relax
  • less anxiety
  • inflammation
  • speech
  • cognitive function
  • detox
  • antioxidants
  • "yang"
  • nourish body
  • "yin"
  • liquid B12
  • eye contact
  • central nervous system

Eileen Reiman               

doTERRA Wellness Advocate

(917) 743-1587

Jess Pace (and Jack!)            

Double Helix Water Advocate


Miriam Handler           

Sunrider Advocate

(732) 306-5407

More on Essential Oils

Essential oils are a gentle way to reduce stress and anxiety, to heal colds and allergies, and to boost the immune system. I prefer pure oils, because they don't have added chemicals which could burden our bodies. Also, some oils can be ingested by putting a few drops under the tongue or added to recipes.

Lavender calms us. Orange and citrus wakes us up. Sandalwood cleanses. And, Eucalyptus helps when we have a cold. You can diffuse 10 drops of these oils in a diffuser with water. Or, you can put a drop on your wrists, soles of feet, and/or back of your neck. 

To learn more about essential oils, watch here to see my TV debut episode, Navigate Autism with Jane Lynn, where I talk with essential oils expert Eileen Reiman.  

Healthy Eating can reduce stress, eliminate illness, improve digestion....and reduce weight! My family has lived on a gluten-free diet for 10 years and has enjoyed better health, more energy and just feeling good! A few months ago, we also began eating Vegan, and wow! What a change! Our health actually improved! We lost weight, overcame hypertension, said goodbye to brain fog, and still ate delicious food! But, this was a major shift in our lives. It took us a few weeks to figure out what to eat, how to cook it, and how to add enough variety that we would stick to this new diet.

To make things easier, we researched recipes online and created our own version of a cookbook. And then we decided to share it with YOU so that if you are interested in making a healthy change, you can do it quickly and easily by requesting a copy at

Healthy Eating
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