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My mission is to help parents stand in their power and have the clarity and knowledge to make the changes they want for themselves and their child with autism. I reach parents through my own similar experiences, offering knowledge and practical parenting tips through speaking engagements, podcasts, radio shows, and television. Together, I believe we can positively impact the lives of our children, helping them reach their potential and helping parents lead fulfilled lives.

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Areas of Expertise

  • Parenting Autism Expert 

  • Sought After Speaker​ and Webinar Host

  • TV Producer & Host

  • Co-Host "Let's Talk Special Needs"

  • Founder & Director of Autism Home School Program 

  • Human Resources Executive 

Most Popular Talk Topics


Balancing Family and Work in a Virtual Environment

Parenting Special Needs in a Virtual Environment

Building Social Skills in a Social Distancing Environment


General ​

7 Habits of Effective Parenting Autism

Importance of Health and Nutrition for Our Kids

Effectively Communicating in a Special Needs Environment

Building Your Resilience

How to Build Self-Care Into Your Daily Routine

Effectively Changing Behaviors

Teaching Our Kids Through Social Games and Activities

Parenting the Older Special Needs Child

How and When to Challenge Our Children

Field Trips and Community Outings

Stronger Connections Lead to Successful Children


Parent groups



EAP and Benefit Programs

 (e.g., Disney, JetBlue, SEC, JP Morgan Chase, NY Life, Giant Foods, Bank of  America, and American Express)

35 million TV viewers 

Parent Groups
TV Viewers
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