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About Me

I am an HR leader and have been coaching, training, setting goals and helping people overcome professional and personal challenges for over 20 years.  I am a mom of two. And, I am an Autism Life Coach.

I completed 600 hours of formal training, 300 hours of in-home training, and over 18,000 working 1:1 with my son. I have spent over 300 hours training over 30 people to successfully use my techniques to help themselves and children with autism. It is my dream and passion to use my experience to help other parents, guiding them from a place of being frustrated and overwhelmed to feeling confident, in control and joyful. To reclaim the life they felt they lost.

The life I never expected

While pursuing a career in HR and doing what I so passionately loved to do, which was helping others reach their full potential, I was thrown a monkey wrench.  In 2003 at the age of two my son was diagnosed with autism. Six years I remained in my corporate position all while taking my son to the best doctors, therapists and schools money could buy.  After spending over $100,000, I was shattered, because nothing worked. He was not developing as we had hoped, in fact our situation got worse! We weren’t functioning as a successful family. I could not see a light at the end of the tunnel. Times were rough and I knew something had to change if I was going to get my family back. So, I quit the career I loved and left Dow Jones in 2009 to home school my son.


I spent 8 years and over 18,000 hours working with my son and teaching him simple things like to look, listen and to engage with me in activities. During that journey I successfully trained over 30 people in my techniques. And I coached them through emotional and physical obstacles to achieve calmer behaviors, deeper connections with their child, more success at home, school and work, and a greater feeling of balance and peace of mind.

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From overwhelmed to overjoyed

Now, my son is back in school, and he is THRIVING. My whole family is joyful and vibrant. So, although I quit a profession I loved, I discovered my real purpose in life: to learn how to overcome feeling stuck and overwhelmed and how to help myself and my son enjoy each day and to succeed in the process. That is why I am so passionate about helping other parents navigate autism and find their way from overwhelm to pure joy.

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