Autism is an enigma. It's challenging. It's loud. It's unpredictable. It's overwhelming.

It's commitment. It's loving. It's beautiful. It's a journey!

- Jane Lynn Britton, Autism Life Coach

What is an Autism Life Coach? 

As a life coach, a parent of a teenage boy with autism, and a Son-Rise Program fanatic, I help moms and dads navigate their life challenges to a place of clarity, confidence and success at home, at work and with their beautiful children. As a 20 year career HR professional, I believe deeply that we all have potential to do great things. But, sometimes we let life get in the way. And, sometimes we let autism paralyze and scare us. But I know from working in HR and from an intensive 14 year journey with my son that we all have the ability to reach our potential. Yes, even our children with autism. But, sometimes we need a little help. A little direction. Some joy. Some confidence. And peace of mind. This is the secret to success for moms, dads and their children. 

What is your biggest challenge?

School behavior? Your child not having friends? Moon cycles (oh yes, I went there! because I totally get it!)  Health? Diet? Feeling isolated or alone? Feeling left out during the holidays? Realizing that you’ll never have an empty nest?  Not having someone to talk to because they just don't understand? Believe me I GET IT! I’ve been there for so many years and have struggled through each of these....and more! I still do from time to time. I'm not ashamed to admit it. I'm human after all. But here's my secret: I have found a way to cope. A way to thrive. A way to break down each of these feelings and obstacles and to move forward to a happier place. For me, that happy place means I have clarity. I know what to do when the unexpected happens. I don't feel untethered or directionless because I have a plan for myself and my child. That gives me the confidence I need to keep going. It makes everything a little easier and I feel happier. More joyful. And yes, I start to enjoy some peace of mind. And get this...I can even be peaceful when life is swirling out of control all around me.  Sounds pretty awesome, doesn't it?! But don't get me wrong. It doesn't mean that I never have to struggle anymore. Absolutely not! But I know how to handle obstacles physically and emotionally. 

So how does this work?

I love working with moms and dads of autism. We are alike in so many ways that we are almost family. Even if we come from different parts of the globe. We are strong. We are creative. We are committed to our kids like no one I've ever seen. Don't even try to get in our way! But, because of these wonderful characteristics, we are tired. And I mean the kind of tired that we could sleep for weeks, wake up and still want to go back to bed. We are overwhelmed by the constant need to make decisions for our children. We feel sad, judged and misunderstood. We are hard workers, but live in fear of how to balance earning a living while giving our children what they need. We sometimes just need a good listener or to ask someone for guidance in navigating life and autism. But not just anyone. Someone who really gets it. That’s where I come in. 


I am a coach. A counselor. A listener. A friend. A planner. An autism expert. A professional. A breadwinner. And, a mom. I walk hand-in-hand with moms and dads and help them find the clarity, resources, strength, success and happiness they are looking for. I consult with parents all over the world thanks to Skype, Face-time and email.


As a coach and a counselor, I use the Son-Rise Program techniques and the Dialogue Process that I learned at the Autism Treatment Center of America and that I perfected over the eight years of homeschooling my son in the Son-Rise Program. I also use my 20 years of work and life coaching plus 8 years of coaching moms to help them reclaim their focus and confidence and to create success for themselves at home, at work and with their children.

I am also an expert at giving video-feedback.


Why video feedback?

This is one of my specialties. It’s where my passion and expertise for video, coaching and autism come together in one beautiful place where I can help parents help their children grow and thrive. Parents send me a video of someone working with their child or of their child displaying a particular behavior. I watch the video and give feedback during our consultation on how to shift behaviors and how to incorporate new techniques to reach a child, to motivate a child and to help them learn something new.


Another reason I love video feedback is that it increases the success of reaching our goals by 70%! 


Is video feedback scary for you? It was for me and for every single person I’ve done this for. But I help you overcome your fears and shift to a place where you actually want it and start requesting it more than I do. Sounds crazy I know. But this has been my experience 100% of the time! My greatest joy is when someone comes to me first asking for video feedback because they love it so much and have been able to see such a dramatic change in themselves and in their children. 

The Son-Rise Program


I talk a lot about the Son-Rise Program. It's based on loving and non-judgmental principles. For most of us, it just feels right. It teaches us to connect more deeply with our children. To judge them and ourselves less. To shift beliefs. And to love life.  If you are interested in learning more about the Son-Rise Program and possibly running your own home-school program,  I would be very happy to connect you with the fabulous people who teach it at the Autism Treatment Center of America. 


If you are not interested in a home-school program, but would like to learn more about how you can infuse some of the highly successful Son-Rise Program techniques into your life, then I would be extremely happy, and honored, to guide you and your child. 

Navigating Autism starts here.....

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