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About Navigate Autism with Jane Lynn

Jane Lynn is a parenting coach and speaker. She educates parents of children with autism with strategies to help their child look, listen and learn better at home, at school and in the community. As a result, parents know how to connect with and teach their child, how to create balance at home, and how to help their child reach their potential.


Drawing on decades of experience as an employee trainer and coach, autism home school director, TV producer and host, and the mother of a young adult with autism, Jane Lynn reaches parents through in-person and online educational speaking events such as podcasts, television, webinars, panel discussions and conferences. She presents high quality material and produces engaging discussions on general special needs parenting topics and on customized audience needs.


Popular topics include habits of effective parenting and helping children build social skills, change habits, increase functional skills like dressing and shaving, and become more flexible. She also teaches parents the secrets to connecting deeply with their child, and how to balance work, school and family life.


What can I offer you?

Wine & Dessert Party



Town Halls



I specialize in speaking to large audiences with and without slides. I engage audiences, relate to their issues, and answer questions live. When appropriate, I offer coaching guidance for their specific needs.







I am passionate about paying it forward and continuing to educate and raise awareness. I am happy to offer my time and expertise to support Autism multi-media events.

Virtual Team Meeting



After decades of working in corporate HR, I hold a special place in my heart for training employees and helping them succeed. Today, I educate employees on special needs parenting and how to manage special needs employees.

Learn how to help your audience navigate autism with strength and clarity.

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